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Amplify is the most welcoming, least intimidating Hobart gym in Moonah. Whether it’s Personal Training or Semi Private Group Training – let’s get started now!
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Can you see yourself here?


With our varied sessions and unique trainers, Amplify Fitness has a goal oriented, results guaranteed solution for every potential client. No matter your size, shape experience level or preferred way of Hobart personal training, we've got you.


How does the idea of having a bunch of laughs with your friends (or just you and your personal gym trainer) and getting in a killer workout that keeps you on top of your game sound? At Amplify that's what you get every time you walk through the door.


Everything is more fun when you're doing it with friends. It can be hard to constantly maintain the drive to keep your exercise routine consistent but when your group mates and trainers are your friends, it's a heck of a lot easier. This Hobart gym is focused on community and friendship and the great results clients get flow from there.

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Free Amplify fitness Cookbook

Click here to get your free Amplify Fitness Gym Hobart approved cookbook, all meals in here are tasty, healthy options and come with the calorie intake information you need to keep on track for your goals.