Personal Training in Hobart

Personal Training (with up to two friends) at Amplify is the best way to guarantee you will get the results you signed up for. The benefits of training with us one on one are:

  • Individual focus and sessions tailored specifically for your ability (this includes nutrition if you want it to!)
  • Periodised and progressive programming – this is how we make sure you are making progress towards your goals
  • Flexible scheduling – train where it fits in your calendar

Personal Training in Hobart means getting to know you and developing a close relationship with you, we not only make training more fun, we make sure we are giving you exactly the support you need to keep you motivated and happy in the gym as you work towards your goals!

Our Hobart Personal Training clients unanimously report that they achieve more noticeable results, and faster, by training one on one with their trainer. There is a reason that the most successful people (not just athletes) have coaches in their box. Personal Training at Amplify Fitness is getting an expert coach in your box too, dedicated to getting to know how you tick, what works and doesn’t work for you and how to get the best out of you. Better than you thought you were capable of.

Hobart Personal Trainers

Having a Hobart Personal Gym Trainer is more than just that though, having a Personal Trainer gives you a support person, a friend. Exercise, changing your body and life in general is hard. We are here to support you, listen and be there for you when you may not be feeling your best. You don’t just get programs at Amplify, you get a coach but more importantly, you get a friend who’s right there next to you whenever you need them. That’s what Personal Training is at Amplify.

Click the button below to send a message if you think Personal Training at Amplify Fitness, a gym in Hobart makes sense for you! We will meet up for a free, no pressure chat and info session to make sure that it’s the right fit for us to work together. If it’s not, no stress, but we find that most people who come to see us really enjoy what we’re about!

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Personal Training Amplify Fitness

One thing that is really important to us at Amplify is that we are evidence-based in everything we do, and this applies especially to our group training in Hobart and personal training in Hobart services. All of our trainers are highly qualified and keep up to date with the emerging research in our industry. What this means is that while we endeavour to keep our personal training programs heaps of fun and fresh and engaging, when we program a session, we are using an evidence based approach to make sure that you are able to get the results you want and reach your goals in the safest and most efficient manner.

Personal Training Amplify Fitness
Check out a couple of testimonials from our happy gym clients

You have been a wonderful trainer from start to finish. You made me feel very comfortable from the beginning. You worked us hard but also helped us when we struggled! Wouldn’t have wanted to be trained by anyone else!


When I started training with Dan, I finally felt like I had found my place. A place where I was not self-conscious or judged for my non-existent fitness level, where I felt fully supported in what I was doing and encouraged beyond what I have experienced before. 


I joined with a group of friends; we work hard but also have a lot of fun. I have seen great results in just 12 weeks; I have lost weight, gained muscle and feel fantastic, bring on the next 12 weeks.