Group Training

Group Training


Private/Semi-private Group Training at Amplify (8 people max) is a great way to get fast, effective workouts and know you are still being supported and kept in good form by a trainer and here are some of the benefits:

  • Train with your friends and make new friends. So many of our group clients have become friends for life since starting with us
  • Take time out for you – you don’t have to think about work or kids or family for a little while, just have fun doing something great for yourself
  • Structurally balanced, progressive programming based on your groups goals means you’re getting a PT in a group environment


Group Training

Group Training has been proven to be a super effective motivator for many people as the camaradarie that is built pushing through challenges and barriers together keeps you coming back for more.

Exercise is hard and can sometimes be the last thing we want to do but Group Training at Amplify turns it into something to look forward to. Our trainers love seeing you and we make sure to keep the vibe fun and fresh.

So many clients who attend Group Training at Amplify become friends for life. We are a small, private gym and treasure the community we’ve built. Group Training reflects the values we hold and gives you a welcoming, safe place to come and put some focus on yourself.

We all get caught up in work and family and the many responsibilities that busy life throws at us so Group Training really becomes an oasis in your week where you can switch off your brain and laugh and get fit with friends. We all need some way to do this in our weekly routine and Group Training at Amplify could be the perfect way for you.

Private/Semi Private Groups

Amplify runs Private and Semi-Private group sessions. What this means is that your group session is run at the time that you want, with the people that you want. The programming is progressive and tailored to the goals of your group. Contact us today to find out more about joining a Semi-Private group or creating your own private group (up to 8 people). The more in a group, the less each session costs!

Available Semi-Private groups

Below is the list of Semi-Private groups which still have spaces available for you to join. Semi-Private groups are sessions which are open to anyone to join, they run the same as a Private group session but allowing more people to train can make for a great environment and brings the cost down for everyone!

  • Wednesday 6.30AM (SPOTS AVAILABLE)
  • Monday 6.00PM (FULL)
  • Tuesday 6.00PM (SPOTS AVAILABLE)
  • Wednesday 6.00PM (SPOTS AVAILABLE)
  • Thursday 6.00PM (SPOTS AVAILABLE)
Group Training
Group Training

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