I have made a commitment to myself to release one blog a month, mostly as I was told it was a super beneficial thing to do for SEO reasons, but the more I do it the more I find that I invest myself in each topic and want to release words that I care about and am marginally proud of putting out into the world for no one to ever read. BUT, if they did, I wouldn’t feel bad about polluting their eyeballs.

I’ve done well since making that commitment and I don’t think I’ve missed any months, maybe I missed one. Some blogs are long and have lots of references and others are not very long and have zero references but all have some kind of relevance to what I’m thinking at a given point in time. Maybe one day I will look back over them and chuckle at my naivete or be pleasantly surprised that I was thinking clearly.

This month though, I don’t care. In fact I’m pretty sure I’ve written another blog to this effect where I didn’t have it in me, mailed it in and made the moral of the story that sometimes it’s ok to mail it in and used the blog as the example.

Well I’m doubling down. I hate to renege on commitments and I pride myself on doing what I say I’m going to do, even if it takes awhile to happen. So, I’m writing a blog and finishing it on the 29th of November and scheduling it to be shown to everyone on the 30th, the literal last day I can do this to still be winning at my commitment of one blog per month.

Pretty much all I care about is getting it out though. I don’t really care about the content. I don’t have anything I have a passion to sit down and craft for a few hours or even a few days as some of them end up taking me to write.

So is it worth it? Probably not. You get to read through a short whinge about me not caring, and I get to feel like I’ve technically held up my end of the bargain.

On the flip side, I could admit where I’m at, postpone writing a blog this month in lieu of writing something I actually care about next time and call it a day. I would prefer to do that.

But, as has been made clear to me, and is ever more clear in the world we live in, productivity, content and engagement are the clear goals required from humans to “prosper” in our increasingly dystopian society. So here I am with nothing to say, spending time and words to do it, for our mighty overlord, Google to shine some of their favour upon me and grant my business visibility to potential clients so I may place food on my table for another month.

I don’t think it’s supposed to work like this. But this month, I don’t care. That’s a topic for another time.

And I guess my real challenge, and maybe one of yours too, is being ok with not being a hamster on a wheel every second of your life. We’re inundated with why we should feel guilty and lazy for stepping off the wheel so I guess if this blog has a moral it’s that we can forgive ourselves for stepping off the wheel, for not being productive every second and feeling ok, good even, for having time to do nothing.

There’s a saying I read somewhere long ago that says “time you enjoy wasting is not time wasted.” I really like it. It helps me to calm the maddened productivity thunderclouds that storm around casting thunderclaps of guilt and lightning bolts of shame and torrential downpours of imposter syndrome when I am contributing nothing and being “lazy”. They need to shush, we all deserve to relax without fear of reprisal from anyone, especially ourselves.

I think I’ve hit a reasonable word count now. Hopefully you can enjoy wasting some time soon because I’m about to waste the heck out of a bit of time right now instead of writing any more paragraphs. See you next month!