Post: Push for Better…pls help

Push for Better…pls help

This blog will be a short one by design. Not totally my design though.


It’s a bit of an exercise. I had a different topic planned but I went and tore a sizeable chunk out of my finger and it’s in the early stages of healing and so right now, typing is quite a challenge. It’s slow and frustrating with lots of typos. The backspace key is getting a workout.

When I get frustrated with typing I am stopping to do some pushups for the Push for Better challenge a bunch of us at the gym are doing. Today is a big one: 219 pushups…on one and a half hands. I’m 40 in. My plan is to keep typing until I finish and then whatever we have is going to be it for this month.

I guess the theme of this blog is that things don’t always go to plan and that how you draw it up is rarely how it turns out but you can probably find a way to adjust on the fly and make something out of it.



Bathroom break.



I am going to write the next paragraph without pressing the backspace key and see what it comes out like.

Someties, even if the thing you has in mind looks nothing like the thing that ends up happening, it can still be exatly what you needed to h[[[en at that point uin time. The cha;penge af adapting tp a new thig and overcoming it can mean more for us than if we just did the tying we thoght we wanted to in the first [;ace.

Ok, that took me, 44 seconds, I timed it, which is much slower than I normally type. I’ll try the same paragraph again and time how long it takes to type it correctly. Isn’t this fun? Fun for everyone!

Sometimes, even if the thing you had in your mind looks nothing like the thing that ends up happening, it can still be exactly what you needed to happen at that point in time. The challenge of adapting to a new thing and overcoming it can mean more for us than if we just did the thing we thought we wanted to in the first place.

1 minute and 25 seconds. That’s almost twice as long. This is a chore.



I had some correspondence to do, so there goes some more time.



Home stretch. More correspondence. However I think that one more burst of pushups and I will be done, so I will be able to end this blog too, mercifully. I don’t think you’ve got any more out of this than I have.

Typing is hard. It also affects how I can think about writing as well. It’s all connected. I’m hoping you will do the heavy lifting on this one (I can’t in any sense of the word right now) and draw some parallels to your own experiences and derive some deeper meaning from this.



Mission accomplished.

I have written some words, completed my pushups and my final job is to ask you to please kindly donate if you have the means at the link plastered throughout this blog.