Hi, I’m Dan and I’m the owner of Amplify. I have been involved in coaching and training for over 10 years, beginning as a certified karate instructor and moving over to personal training about 6 years ago. I have found a passion for helping people with their health and happiness and have really worked hard to constantly improve my knowledge and qualifications in this area. I try to reflect my own personal values in our gym: integrity, loyalty, determination, inclusiveness, compassion and of course a sense of humour.

I’ve been a sports nut ever since I can remember and it was inevitable that I would end up in some form of physical performance career. I play ice and inline hockey as a goalie, I love my American sports and the footy of course. When there’s time I love getting around our beautiful state and seeing what I can, whether that’s a bush walk or a snorkel or kayak. However I’m a closet nerd and love all things sci fi as well so I’d be just as happy with a star wars movie marathon.

I started this business because I knew that the generic fitness model isn’t helping people to become the healthy, happy versions of themselves that it should and I have a lot of ideas about how to change the game. I’m passionate about improving people’s lives, chiseled abs don’t fuss me at all, my goal is to see people smiling and feeling happy and confident every day.