Getting older is inevitable; growing older is hard work but it’s never too late for growth.

I’ve been a more or less enthusiastic participant in exercise since my Mum forced me into swimming lessons to help combat asthma at age five (I’m almost completely asthma free now so props to her). I have been a keen team sport player, martial artist and (outdoor/indoor) rock-climber but have found the gym to be my happy place for the last 7 years and my place of study too. I’m committed to life-long learning and how we move and exercise is my field of study.

As a group fitness instructor I make my classes welcoming, inclusive and fun. Exercise should be accessible and enjoyable to all participants regardless of their ability or energy levels. I make class participants feel empowered, regardless of their fitness level or background, and I modify exercises to suit different abilities, ensuring that everyone leaves feeling they’ve accomplished something. I run three circuit classes a week.

In one-on-one training we’ll start by working out what you want to achieve. I can help you build resilience, strength, and functional fitness to make you healthier and your everyday activities easier. I’ll use a variety of exercises and equipment to keep workouts fresh and interesting.