I didn’t notice the little things adding up. Parking closer to town, buying ready made meals instead of cooking. I had met the love of my life and went travelling. I began making excuses and before I knew it, exercise became a scary word.

After getting frustrated with my own attempts at exercise, I decided it was time to get some help to achieve my goals. Dan made it clear that simply by deciding to take that step, I was on a healthier road.

Dan provided me with a flexible regime to fit around family and my shift-work and set achievable challenges each week.

Three things that impressed me were Dan’s knowledge base, his support and his honesty. Dan was able to instruct and correct my technique so I was working on my strength without causing injury. Dan was supportive when I faced challenges both in and out of class. He provided me with the morivation to push through and the wisdom of when to take a step back. I was suprised at how comfortable I felt, never feeling judged or embarrassed as I had experienced when stepping into a gym. Dan was also very honest and reminded me of the role I play in achieving my goals.

If you need to make a change and want results. If you expect professionalism in a supportive environment. If you want great value for your health AND your money, call Dan, just like I did.