When I began my training with [Dan] my aim was just to get it over with and go through the motions to lose weight. I never really thought about my fitness goals before I joined, I just wanted to lose weight and I didn’t really think about improving my flexibility or fitness. Now I feel like being fit is something I WANT to do, not something I HAVE to do. After working with [Dan] I now actually enjoy training. In fact I love it and look forward to attending twice a week. The sessions are innovative and always entertaining and no two sessions are ever the same! Dan is supportive and is always able to work around people who have temporary or permanent limitations; he never makes you feel as if it is an inconvenience. He has changed my mindset about my ability to do exercises I previously thought were impossible for someone like me.

I would recommend [Dan] to anyone as I have always been made to feel like a valued client and I’m more motivated than I have ever been to change my lifestyle…[S]ince I joined in June I have lost 12kg. I even won a 28 day challenge where I lost a total of 4.85% off my weight, hips and waist in such a short time.

I used to be really active and fit, but I stopped after having my children. But now I’m feeling the best I have in nearly 20 years and I don’t want that to change! What makes it so easy is down to the feeling that this is a community not just a “membership” to somewhere. I have made so many new friends since joining and I go because I want to go, not because I have to go. Starting with [Dan] is one of the best decisions I have ever made.