In my opinion, what Dan has going is the perfect blend of fun and Exercise. Such a wide range of sets, exercises and challenges. No two are the same. Dan shows his experience and knowledge of body movement and keen eye for technique improvement without falter. Whether it be a group session or a one-on-one, he never misses a beat, stroke or jump.

For example, when I started I could barely lift myself for a pushup, I could hardly run 50 paces and I had flabby edges. Now I’m up over 20 pushups in a row and climbing, my cardio has improved tenfold and to tone up the softer edges, I found muscles I never knew I had!

Dan is good. Really good. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. The group sessions I attend are great fun, I almost always leave with a grin on my face and Dan is flexible so if I have another commitment it’s possible to swap and change so I don’t miss anything.