I have lots of things I want to say, as both of the frequent readers of this blog would know. I also like to think that I generally have some good words to spin together as well to express how I’m feeling or the point I’m trying to make.

However, sometimes there are things in your brain that you would love to be able to eloquently explain but it’s such a struggle to turn it into actual words that come out right. Often when that happens I prefer to say nothing than say the not right thing.

Then there are times when someone else seems to take what was in your brain and turn it into something better than you could ever hope to create. We are all wired slightly differently and no one person has all the pictures but it’s so re-assuring when someone else holds up the picture you need to see. The picture that you can show to other people and say: This is what I want to communicate.

A lot of us, myself very much included, struggle with mental health at various times. Some have longer or more intense battles but I think all people would probably agree that when gripped by deep depression, or anxiety or addiction it is marked by feeling quite alone in that experience.

I have found that it’s also really helpful to know other people are awash with the intensity of your own feelings as well. Having friends, family and even professionals to help you get out of the hole is so important but personally, I have found more solace in being in the hole with someone else rather than trying to be dragged out of it.

With that in mind, I thought I would let someone else do the talking this time around. Perhaps if you are going through some mental ill-health listening to someone else say it can be much better than trying to scrabble around for your own words.

Complete is an Aussie hip-hop artist of some renown and I appreciate his absolutely raw lyrics and honesty in his music. I’ve listened to the clips below a lot and it has really been a crutch for me to know that even if I can’t, someone is expressing these thoughts and emotions. Maybe this will help you too in some small way…or someone you know.

What’s Depression?


What’s Anxiety?


What’s Addiction?


What’s Mental Illness?


What’s Recovery?


What’s Relapse?


Stay strong, anyone who related to this, please.

I’m here, the gym is here, if you need someone to be in the hole with you. Anytime.