Baby on board

I feel like I have high school and university trauma sometimes when I start a new blog because I tend to start with “Time for

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Push for Better…pls help

This blog will be a short one by design. Not totally my design though. https://www.thepushupchallenge.com.au/donate?m=32252&a=35 It’s a bit of an exercise. I had a different

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Health Check

Recently, I was in a car with a couple of people going on a bit of a trip to see some cool nature. For fun

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Why so serious?

Wow, I’m getting in early this month. This is basically still November. However we will be taking a break at the end of the year

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What’s in your pack?

I don’t expect this blog to be new, revolutionary information to many people. It certainly isn’t to me. I do think this blog could be

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Suck it up

Guess what? This blog isn’t going to be about fitness either! I bet that admission blew you away. The main point of this blog is

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